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4 Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Start Invisalign

With over 8 million patients worldwide and a 96% satisfaction rate, Invisalign has secured its spot as one of the top teeth-straightening solutions for decades. In fact, their revolutionary clear aligner trays that are virtually undetectable allow patients to achieve the smile of their dreams without the hassle of traditional braces. If you are looking into Invisalign in Houston to provide you with a picture-perfect smile, your dentist shares four reasons you should start this summer!

Reason #1: No Food Restrictions

Whether you are crunching on some popcorn during your favorite movie or reaching for a handful of sour candy at the pool, summertime is often home to lots of snacking. Fortunately, Invisalign won’t stop you from indulging now and again! While traditional, metal braces come with several food restrictions, like no apples, gum, or hard candy, Invisalign’s clear trays are entirely removable. That way, you can enjoy your snacks as long as you pop them back in after doing so.

Reason #2: Appointment Flexibility

From consultations and progress appointments to routine dental exams and professional cleanings, trips to your dentist can add up quickly. Fortunately, the summer months are known for having more appointment flexibility. With a relaxed schedule for you and a slower season for your dentist, the monthly visits will be something you look forward to instead of something you’re trying to jam into your day. Therefore, summer is the perfect time to start Invisalign!

Reason #3: Travel Is a Breeze with Invisalign

Although this summer looks a bit different than years past, there is still plenty of time to safely feed your need to travel. With traditional metal braces, a broken bracket or wire would have you racing to the nearest dentist or cutting your trip short to visit yours. However, the same cannot be said for Invisalign. After all, their virtually undetectable, clear aligners are easy to clean, entirely removable, and don’t obstruct your smile during obligatory pictures.

Reason #4: Dental Hygiene Is No Sweat

With metal braces, patients have to worry about a complicated flossing routine and scrubbing diligently around each bracket. However, you can properly clean your trays by rinsing them upon removal and soaking them once a day in a cleaning solution. That way, you can get the effective teeth-straightening treatment you need without the hassle!

Summer is a time to enjoy barbeques with friends, relax with your family, and cool off with afternoons by the pool. Fortunately, Invisalign won’t hinder any of your summer plans. In fact, you and your friends won’t be able to notice the effective trays straightening your teeth while you soak up the summer sun!

About the Author

In addition to graduating Summa Cum Laude from Sam Houston State University with his undergraduate degree, Dr. Chad Stapleton received early admission into the University of Texas’ dental school. After completing his doctorate with honors, Dr. Stapleton continued his already impressive education by completing advanced training in oral surgery and restorative dentistry. He is currently a member of multiple prestigious organizations, including the American Dental Association, and is a Preferred Invisalign Provider. If you are looking for a dentist in Houston to give your smile an upgrade, visit his website or give him a call at 713-706-4077.

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