The Most Modern Way to Rebuild Your Smile

These days, if you’re missing one or more teeth, you have quite a few options to choose from when it comes to replacing them. While they each have their own set of pros and cons, dental implants are by far the most advantageous option overall. Because these titanium posts fully integrate with your jawbone, they are able to offer perks that other solutions simply cannot deliver. Before you call MDRN Dental to discuss your options for replacing your missing teeth, Dr. Chad Stapleton invites you to read about the benefits of dental implants on this page.

Unmatched Comfort

Traditional methods of tooth replacement, such as dentures or dental bridges, only replace the tooth’s crown, or the section that sits above the gumline. By contrast, dental implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone to recreate the structure of the lost tooth’s root. Essentially, the posts become a part of the bone itself. This not only makes them extremely stable, but they feel just like the teeth you were born with. After a while, you might even forget that you have dental implants in Houston!

Improved Appearance

Dental implants don’t just feel natural; they look natural as well. Depending on how many teeth you’re missing, a crown, bridge, or denture will be secured on top of your implants. This restoration is custom-made based on impressions that we take of your mouth. Once your new teeth have been placed, no one should be able to tell that it’s not one of your natural pearly whites.

Additionally, dental implants can actually make you look younger. After tooth loss, the jawbone shrinks as a result of the tooth’s root no longer stimulating it through biting and chewing. The jawbone then cannot adequately support your facial structures, leading to premature sagging and wrinkling that ages you. Because dental implants stimulate your jawbone, though, they allow you to look young for years to come.

Clearer Speech

Conventional dentures are notorious for sliding around when you’re trying to talk, resulting in your slurring your words or making embarrassing whistling noises. Over the years, your jawbone naturally changes, causing dentures to lose their fit and make slippage more likely. Dental implants hold your teeth firmly in place and prevent these changes.

Healthier Diet

Not only can dentures slip when you’re eating, but chewing tough foods like steak can be downright impossible. Dental implants replenish most of the chewing power that your natural teeth had. This allows you to enjoy a diet of various healthy, chewy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Long-Lasting Smile

Traditional bridges and dentures must be repaired or replaced every 5-10 years. On the other hand, dental implants in Westchase District are built to last 30+ years. Provided you take good care of them with diligent oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, your new smile can last a lifetime!