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Should Your Dental Implant Treatment Be Done Using Surgical Guides?

August 31, 2020

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A woman undergoing 3D scans for dental implants in Houston.

Dental implant treatment has only gotten more popular over the past several years and for good reason. Their ability to replace the tooth entirely ensure better longevity, function, and appearance, making them the premier solution for replacing teeth. However, the ways in which this treatment is completed are not created equal. For example, if an implant dentist places dental implants in Houston, with a surgical guide over freehand techniques, you should be aware of the differences.


Why You Shouldn’t Get Mail Order Braces During the COVID-19 Pandemic

July 22, 2020

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Woman with Invisalign in Houston

You’ve decided that you want to transform your smile. That’s great news and you will be reaping the benefits in no time! When you are dealing with the alignment of your teeth, it’s important to know that you are getting the best quality of treatment than you can. This ensures that your teeth don’t endure any damage and the process will go smoothly. This type of quality cannot be reached by mail order aligners, even though social media has been raving about them. Your dentist in Houston shares why you should seek treatment through a professional and not a mail order.


How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Make Your Teeth Healthier

June 26, 2020

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woman smiling in sunset after seeing cosmetic dentist in Houston

Many people are under the impression that cosmetic dentistry is only for celebrities. They might believe that it’s not something worth their investment, that it’s too frivolous. However, cosmetic dentistry has the potential to do a whole lot more than just improve the appearance of your smile. Some aesthetic treatments double as restorative dentistry, meaning they actually make your teeth healthier! Keep reading below as a cosmetic dentist in Houston explains how the following procedures improve your oral health.  


4 Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Start Invisalign

June 14, 2020

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Woman smiling with Invisalign in Houston

With over 8 million patients worldwide and a 96% satisfaction rate, Invisalign has secured its spot as one of the top teeth-straightening solutions for decades. In fact, their revolutionary clear aligner trays that are virtually undetectable allow patients to achieve the smile of their dreams without the hassle of traditional braces. If you are looking into Invisalign in Houston to provide you with a picture-perfect smile, your dentist shares four reasons you should start this summer!


How Your Dentist Prepares for Your Appointment During COVID-19

May 14, 2020

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dentist in Houston stepping into shoe covering

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that many of us are going through a lot of change right now. From how we shop for groceries to the ways we communicate with loved ones, COVID-19 has altered virtually everything about our daily lives. Believe it or not, it has even changed the way your dentist in Houston operates. Although your dentist may have been closed for non-emergency patients for the past couple of months, many of them have begun opening back up for regular treatments like fillings, checkups, and cleanings. Keep reading to learn some of the ways that your dentist will prepare their office for your appointment.


Why Should You Visit an Emergency Dentist Instead of an ER?

April 8, 2020

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person sitting in a treatment chair with their emergency dentist in Houston in the room

Are you on the fence about whether to visit an emergency dentist in Houston or your local ER for urgent dental care? In some cases, immediate medical care may be necessary before you can have your dental needs addressed. However, a majority of oral issues can be treated and prevented from reoccurring when you visit a dental specialist. Read on to learn why it’s almost always a better idea to visit an emergency dentist instead of your local ER.


How to Keep Up with Your Oral Health During Quarantine

March 31, 2020

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bearded man using electric toothbrush

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are now working from home. Because you’re spending so much time at home, now seems like as good a time as any to evaluate your health, particularly your oral health. Many people don’t typically take the time to make sure their teeth and gums are as healthy as can be. That’s why your dentist in Westchase District has written this list of tips for optimizing your oral health during quarantine.


How to Tell Whether Your Dental Emergency Is Urgent

March 26, 2020

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woman looking at her mouth in mirror

In the time of COVID-19, most dentists are only open for treating dental emergencies. This means situations like tooth pain or an accident where you broke or dislodged a tooth. Sometimes, these situations may occur outside of normal business hours. Should you still call your emergency dentist in Houston? It depends on how urgently you need treatment. Here is a quick guide to the difference between urgent and non-urgent dental emergencies.


Can Invisalign Fix Your Bite Problem?

February 26, 2020

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computer animation of overbite

Do you have several orthodontic issues that you’d like to fix without using metal brackets and wires? Whether you suffer from misalignment, crowding, or bite problems, Invisalign in Houston is an incredibly versatile orthodontic treatment that can permanently address all of those problems. Read on to learn more about the process and how choosing Invisalign to fix your bite problem will be a decision that you won’t regret making


Here’s The Best Way to Invest Your Tax Return

February 5, 2020

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tax refund check from the United States Treasury

There’s a million different objects and experiences you could spend your tax return on, but none of them would benefit you for nearly as long or as much as a smile transformation. Your cosmetic dentist in Houston offers several different procedures to tackle different types of dental flaws and imperfections that may make you feel embarrassed when you grin. Read on to learn four different cosmetic procedures that will boost your confidence, and that are well worth the investment.

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