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Here’s The Best Way to Invest Your Tax Return

There’s a million different objects and experiences you could spend your tax return on, but none of them would benefit you for nearly as long or as much as a smile transformation. Your cosmetic dentist in Houston offers several different procedures to tackle different types of dental flaws and imperfections that may make you feel embarrassed when you grin. Read on to learn four different cosmetic procedures that will boost your confidence, and that are well worth the investment.

Lumineers, An Alternative to Veneers

Many people are hesitant to get porcelain veneers because they’re not sure whether they truly want a lifelong commitment. They’re considered a permanent cosmetic treatment because they require a small portion of the enamel to be moved before the shells can be placed. Lumineers are significantly thinner, which allows your dentist in Houston to place them with little to no preparation of your natural teeth required! Plus, they’re able to conceal a variety of imperfections, including chips, severe discoloration, cracks, fractures, and even gaps between teeth.

Quick & Easy Dental Bonding

Many people break a tooth when they’re young and never attempt to get it fixed because they think it will be too much of a hassle. Dental bonding is a cost-effective, fast, and reliable treatment for damaged teeth to make them appear whole again. Within a single visit, the dentist can custom-match a color of composite resin to your natural teeth, apply it to the damaged area to fill it in, shape it, and cure the substance. After the treatment is over, you’ll feel confident, refreshed, and have a completed smile again.

Fast In-Office Teeth Whitening

Many people rush to get store-bought teeth whitening products when they notice their smile staining, but they’re likely to be disappointed in the results. Even though the packages make huge promises, they rarely pull through, and many of the ingredients found in these kits aren’t approved by the ADA. This means that they can cause side-effects like enamel erosion and dental sensitivity. With in-office teeth whitening, your dentist in Houston can apply highly concentrated and safe teeth whitening gel to your teeth, and in as little as an hour, they’ll be noticeably brighter!

Gum Recontouring for a Fuller Smile

People often find their gummy smiles are unattractive because, even though their teeth are bright and beautiful, the most noticeable feature of their grin is their gums. This is caused by a disproportionate amount of gums to visible teeth, which can cause you to feel self-conscious. With gum recontouring, your dentist uses a precise and accurate dental laser to remove a small portion of the gums so you can have an even smile.

Unlike several material goods that you could purchase with your tax return, these cosmetic dental treatments can provide you with results that are long-lasting and continue to benefit you, even years down the road. The best place to start your journey towards a more beautiful smile is by scheduling a consultation with your cosmetic dentist.

About the Author

Dr. Chad Stapleton specializes in cosmetic dental procedures and has completed advanced training in a variety of dental topics. He is an active member of several organizations, including the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and is passionate about helping his patients transform their current smiles into ones that they will enjoy for years to come. He is also one of the only dentists in Texas certified to provide BOTOX and dermal filler treatment. For questions or to schedule a consultation to learn which procedures best fit your needs, visit MDRN Dental’s website or call 713-706-4077.

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