iTero Element 2® Digital Scanner

Technology is changing everything, including dentistry! At MDRN Dental in West Houston, we pride ourselves on offering the latest and greatest dental technology the industry has to offer. The iTero Element 2® is the one of our great technologies we offer that will improve the way you experience dentistry. To learn more about our dental technologies, contact us today to schedule an appointment in the Westchase District.

What is iTero 3D digital scanning technology?

Gooey, goopy impression are a thing of the past at MDRN Dental! Our iTero Element 2® digital scanner creates a 3D impression of your teeth using the latest 3D imaging technology. Our digital scanner will take digital pictures of your teeth and stitch them together using 3D rendering technology to create a mold of your teeth that is up to 7X more accurate than traditional goopy impressions.

What are the benefits of a digital impression?

Having a digital impression of your teeth come with some tremendous benefits including:

  • Digital Impression that is up to 7X more accurate
  • Monitor the progression of teeth wear
  • Track the movement of your teeth to diagnose potential crowding
  • Instantly send impressions to lab to significantly reduce treatment times
  • Accelerated Invisalign