Dr. Stapleton and his team at MDRN Dental are proud to be one of the only dental offices in the West Houston area to offer lip enhancement with the use of filler. A beautiful smile is more than just great looking teeth. Lips play a crucial role in creating a confident, stunning smile and having a cosmetic dentist that offers lip enhancement procedures is imperative to receive a complete treatment plan that addresses all issues. Contact us today to schedule a free lip enhancement consultation in West Houston.

How can filler enhance the look of my lips?

Filler is commonly used to enhance the look and volume of the lips. Some of the most common fillers are Juvederm ® and Restylane ®; to learn more about filler, please refer to our Filler page. Dr. Stapleton can create more volume, enhance the features, or help balance the difference in size of your upper and lower lips. He will listen to your individual expectations and review pictures with you to determine the look you want to achieve. Being a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Stapleton is highly trained on facial and dental esthetics and can create beautiful looking lips that will enhance your smile.

Why choose a cosmetic dentist to enhance my lips?

Dr. Stapleton in West Houston is proud to be one of the only dentists in Texas that is certified to perform lip enhancements with dermal filler. One of the common complaints about lip enhancement is the discomfort. Being a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Stapleton can get your lips completely numb to create a pain free experience. Dr. Stapleton takes both facial and dental esthetics into consideration when placing the dermal filler. He creates beautiful lips that look good at rest and when giving a big beautiful smile!

Schedule a free consultation appointment today!

Dr. Stapleton offers free lip enhancement consultations in the West Houston area! During your consultation appointment at, he will listen to your individual needs and provide a complimentary examination. After, he will discuss the results and explain how your lips may be improved with the use of filler. He is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding lip enhancement procedures! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation; MDRN Dental is located in the Westchase District.