We Can Repair Damaged & Hurting Teeth In Beautiful Ways

Despite the best of efforts, a vast majority of adults will experience some kind of dental problem over the course of their lives. At MDRN Dental, Dr. Stapleton can replenish strong, attractive dental structure with top-tier restorative techniques, whether the damage at hand is as minor as a small cavity or as severe as an extensive dental fracture. We’re not interested in passing judgment – our team simply wants to help you achieve and maintain the wholly confident smile you deserve. Contact us today in the Westchase District to schedule an appointment!


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What if I Do Nothing?

Unlike many other parts of the body, your teeth don’t have the ability to heal from an injury all on their own. Instead, issues like decay and physical trauma will only become worse over time, leading to weakened structure, chronic discomfort, and eventually the need for much more extensive treatment. By addressing the issue as early as possible with dedicated restorative care from Dr. Stapleton, patients can save hard-earned money and preserve more of their one-of-a-kind smile well into the future.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are named as such because they’re designed to fit over the top of your tooth and cover all of the visible, white structure beneath a strong and functional replacement. This helps protect it from further harm without requiring a more extensive solution like extraction when serious damage/decay occurs. Better yet, Dr. Stapleton is happy to offer high-quality ceramic materials that are a beautifully precise match for natural tooth enamel – no one will even know!


Tooth-Colored Fillings

Older patients surely remember the days of dark-colored silver fillings – you may even still have a few in your smile. Thankfully, there’s now a subtler and more comfortable way to repair the damage left by cavities. Tooth-colored fillings are crafted from composite resin, which is very flexible and comes in a variety of lifelike shades. Once we’ve picked the right one for your unique smile, the filling is sculpted into place and directly bonded to the enamel so that it can help strengthen the tooth. The final result is attractive, comfortable, and long-lasting.