Relieve Toothaches
& Protect Your Smile

Many patients become very nervous when they hear the words “root canal,” but today’s modern techniques and technologies have helped make this procedure genuinely simple and stress-free. Better yet, it can help revitalize badly infected teeth and successfully prevent the need for extraction. If you are experiencing severe oral pain, prolonged sensitivity to temperature changes, or suspicious darkening enamel in a specific tooth, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Stapleton for help here in the Westchase District community.

The Root Canal Procedure

After using special tools to access the inner chamber of the infected tooth, Dr. Stapleton will remove damaged pulp and harmful bacteria before replacing it with a biocompatible substitute. Once the inner tooth has been thoroughly cleaned and refilled, we will seal it. As a final touch, a new filling or custom-made crown placed on top will rebuild the tooth’s original shape while also providing even more long-lasting protection.

Root canal therapy has an overall success rate of over 90%, and many treated teeth are able to thrive for the rest of a patient’s life! Don’t hesitate to reach out to MDRN Dental if you find yourself in need of help with a dreaded “toothache.”