Dr. Chad Stapleton and the MDRN Dental team started our TikTok journey about a month ago and have had great engagement from the community. In this short amount of time, Dr. Stapletons TikTok (@drchads) has grown to have over 50,000 followers and over 500,000 likes! We are beyond thrilled that the community enjoys our content!

To celebrate this milestone, we are going to be doing a free dental day on Friday, May 14th, 2021! We will be donating our time and resources to provide free dental services all day long (8am-5pm). There will be no charge for any service provided on this day, this is all about us giving back to the community!

To try and help as many people as possible, we will be limiting our services to simple procedures including: exams, xrays, cleanings, fillings, and extractions. If you are in the Houston area and would like to sign up, please use the registration form below. Please understand there is only a limited amount of spots available!

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