MDRN Dental offers tooth colored filling in the Westchase District area in West Houston. Contact us today if you would like to setup an appointment or have any questions regarding tooth colored fillings.

What are tooth colored fillings made of?

There are several different types of tooth colored fillings. The most common tooth colored fillings are made of composite resin. The resin is a very viscous liquid when inserted into the tooth. When the curing light is applied, the resin is hardened by a light activated reaction. This solidifies the resin and makes it a similar hardness of your tooth.

What is the process of getting a tooth colored filling?

First the tooth is numbed. Once profound anesthesia is obtained, the cavity is removed and the tooth is cleaned. Once all the bacteria have been removed from the tooth, the tooth is conditioned with a mild etchant. The conditioner is then rinsed from the tooth and an adhesive is applied. The adhesive is then activated by being light cured. The filling is then applied into the tooth and shaped. The tooth colored filling is then hardened by applying the curing light. Once the filling has hardened all the way, the filling is shaped and polished to match and fit with the surrounding teeth. Dr. Stapleton exclusively uses tooth colored fillings in his West Houston area practice!

Are tooth colored fillings as good as metal fillings?

Metal Fillings are made up of amalgam (a mixture of metals) and have been used in dentistry for a very long time. Since being introduced, tooth colored fillings have taken over popularity among dentists and patients. Metal fillings have gained bad publicity due to their mercury contents, leading many patients wanting to replace them with tooth colored fillings. Metal fillings also generally require more tooth structure to be removed when placing the filling, which is more harmful to the tooth. Metal fillings have also been know to stain the tooth a darker color which is visually unappealing to most people. If you would like your metal fillings replaced with tooth colored fillings at MDRN Dental, please contact us to schedule an appointment! We are located in West Houston in the Westchase District!